I use Windows for Gaming, Photo Editing and System Interrupt Management

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    I had no idea what it was so I had to look for it.

    "System interrupts is an official part in Windows operating system. It manages the communication between your computer hardware and system."

    How sad is it that, when looking for a solution after a component of Windows itself is bugging out, the first solution is: "Try to reboot"?

    Anyway, you might have some troubles with a driver.
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    Thanks @Jilano, At the time I was installing stuff and updates were installing at the same time. But it disappeared after a while
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    Might be able to do the gaming on Linux? Don't know but I was pleasantly surprised with Lutris and WINE with DXVK recently
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    All operating systems have interrupts. Good luck with I/O without.
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    I often get 100% usage from interupts as well. But after a while it stops huging the cpu time.

    Make sure you have a ssd, good ram, cpu and gpu for games. My old pc broke and i dont have ssd on my laptop. When i play on my lap i can realy feel the lack of ssd...

    Lack of ssd and good cpu casues similar behavior on my lap.
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