Thought one guy is talking to himself.


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    I've been confused by these two more than once lol
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    Oh shit, that confused me too 😶
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    @Bahua is just @Bitwise who travelled back from the future. Hence the pattern baldness, and the fact that he was able to give that answer to his younger self.
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    Some times I wish my avatar could face right.
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    @bahua Yeah my neck muscles are feeling a bit sour as well from sitting so perfectly still staring at the ++ button.
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    @bittersweet to @Bitwise to @bahua
    Much time travel
    Such good
    So wow
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    @gitlog My thought, exactly. The big question is: What happened to the increments? Maybe the sudden drop is what kick-started the baldness? Or is it the other way around? So many questions... AAAAHHHH
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    Yeah, no complaints here. Happy family, nice house(rented), good job, and excellent food and beer in walking distance.
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    and they're all b'orange! x)
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