Why do I always have to refactor bad written code ? Is this some kind of karma ?
Undocumented, written by a senior but looks like it was a junior, no unit tests, variables with meaningless names, duplicated code and every possible thing you can find in that kind of code.

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    i think u just described my full current code. im about to refactor it but im wayyyy too lazy for that and have no more energy
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    @voodoo14 do the refactor, do eveything as you would set your own project. Present it. Demand raise in wage equal to origibal senior dev. They refuse? Refuse to refactor that senior dev's code in turn.

    Let negociations begin.
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    @SukMikeHok in a few months it won't be "your" code anymore. But someone's else to yourself. Just hope you don't regret not doing the refactor right now. Just remember that bad written code is like a boomerang.
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