I don’t know who to give credits to but I found it around somewhere. Just wanted to share.

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    @1989 yup right here. I would much rather die by reading docs than listen to the accent :D
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    Helow welkam tu mai vidios, tuday wi wil lern haw tu yus dotnet cor tu build e websait

    Sorry if this sounds offensive, I just want to be funny
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    @devTea Well, it's not like you're lying... 😂
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    @devTea A while ago I used a bunch of videos spoken in an Indian language with English subtitles, and I preferred it over most bad accent tutorials.

    Although there are also plenty of Indians with flawless pronunciation.
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    I'm really happy that no one is getting offended by this... devRant is really a special place
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    @MrCSharp we hate most of the people anyway so race probably doesn't matter anymore
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    Besides the accent, its baffling how most of them are actually very unaware of the depths of concepts. But its always easy to teach n00bs!
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    As a CS student I actually hated most Indian YouTube tutorials because of the lack of systematic knowledge in general.

    NPTEL ftw tho
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    Such videos lack quality of content and either way most of the videos are rip-off from other tutorials.
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    As a teacher of English, I protest.

    I hope this changes your mind:

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    Official docs > Written tutorial > Video tutorial > Indian video tutorial

    I need to be able to find the information quickly, I need text that I can copy and links that I can follow. Video tutorials are not my thing
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