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Thoughts on 1&1? I have tks now, it's painful. Telekom seems shady af, but I have their mobile plan.

I have no idea how to get unbiased info here, so i'm asking people who actually use the internet to work from home and do more than just surf Facebook and cat videos

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    Marcel Davis, das bin ich. Leiter für Kundenzufriedenheit bei 1&1. Und wir gehen erst wieder, wenn der Anschluss läuft.
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    Mostly good experiences with 1&1. Telekom is too costly for cheap student-me, so never tried that, actually.

    Some Telekom technicians however (who are the ones connecting the lines) fucked up my connection at first two times in a row. In two different locations. :D
    (At least I got some free mobile data for free for that by 1&1.)

    No sure how much upstream you need, but I got pretty much what they promised me. (48Mbit down/~9MBit up)
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    1&1 is an absolute shitshow for me with tons of outages every few minutes.
    If you don't have problems, you're lucky. If you do, you lost. The support "engineers" are absolute idiots that can't help you with anything.
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    Quite happy with them. Hotline is ok, got a replacement router within two days without any costs.
    Had problems with Telekom in the recent years (long waiting times, tried to sell me a router for a ridiculous price) but my last experience was surprisingly positive. Never go to Vodafone. Hours in the hotline before you get a person that knows anything. You need three trieds for everything, because they can't get it right and they send personal information to some random address.
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    They are shite!
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    @nin0x03 do Telekom runs 1&1 lines?
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    @QueenMorgana They do, but they have actually decent support.
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    @QueenMorgana 1&1 is a reseller, so large parts are running on Telekom infrastructure. I'm not sure whether they also rent infrastructure from Telefonica or Vodafone since the Telekom infrastructure is probably the biggest in Germany. (They do rent mobile networks from Vodafone and Telefonica, though.)
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    @nin0x03 ohhhh. Ok. That makes sense
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