A moment of silence for all those poor CS students who have to do hours of math exercises...

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    Math, in particular Algebra, is the foundation of everything in CS, even of prpgramming languages theory (correct me if I'm wrong), so I don't get your point...
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    @dmonkey I have to take 6 math classes lol. That's what this is about. (3 down; 2 this semester, one next.)

    Not entirely sure why Id need stats if I'm not going into data science, but at least the class was easy as fuck.
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    @dmonkey i have 4 different math branches so far, hopefully not more, it's really unnecessary..
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    Math foundations was a pain. Now I'm taking advanced math foundations. I've never even had a use for any of this stupid ass math. Only thing I used was algebra and calculus.
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    Those lucky ducks ;P
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    @1989 never made a video game ? Creation of an interface with relative position? Game engine, data analysis, artificial intelligence... Creating a compiler and a language need maths too! And what about drivers and embedded systems?
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    I might have too broad of an interest in CS, but at my 22s I have needed integrals for a project of mine, and I have not even graduated yet. Of course, all basic algebra is essential, statistics are easy and useful at times, so are nice to have. And I know, maybe you won't be using matrices on you future job, or maybe you might. Maybe you will not need nor remember how to calculate a jacobian matrix, but if you were asked, you will at least know what it is about. And the most important point. What you most like in CS (and you may not even know yet), probably uses some of those concepts you sometime frowned upon.
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    Reminds me of this classic beauty
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