So I've made this plan of what I'm gonna learn/practice/study programming wise. Some of it involves learning new languages and I'm always told i shouldnt be hopping between languages but I really want to learn fucking PHP and C# even fucking C to help my python and it's not like its overwhelming but I hate when I get told to not bounce between languages IVE BEEN USING PYTHON FOR A YEAR AND A HALF I THINK ITS TIME FOR ME TO POLISH MY JAVASCRIPT AND LEARN A FEW MORE LANGAUGES LIEK FUCK

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    *cough cough* Um ... I mean, as time allows? Getting deep into a language is absolutely good, but I have found that learning any new language, like literally ANY in my experience, to at least a degree where you understand it's philosophy and practices will bring insight into EVERYTHING you have done before. And then you go back to a language you thought you really knew, and suddenly there are new dimensions to it that you didn't see before. LEARN MOAR LANGS!!!!

    (edit) This is advice to myself as well. I'm due for a new language. I'm thinking Rust, or possibly a language that people say will teach you all sorts of things you didn't realize you needed to know: Lisp. Suggestions welcome.
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    @catadoxa exactly! You get it!!
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    When Nokia went down, symbian became legacy overnight. Their employees who refused to learn other language became redundant for any tech company. They ended up as yoga teacher etc. Long story short, always learn new stuff and compare them to your current language/stack.
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