Much more preferable would be:

Chrome: Every damn site on the Internet uses cookies. Do you accept?

No? Get the fuck out.

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    That sure would be a better way but too bad GDPR mandates are not that simple.
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    But some websites use cookies "to enhance your experience" 😂
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    More realistic would be a global GDPR accept that said "any site can rape my data---go nuts" and then I handle the protection myself at my end.

    Pretty much what I was doing before and am doing now as I click various dialogs full of shit just to read the site.

    Only change is that I'm now explicitly authorizing their fuckery.

    Couldn't we just have taken Facebook outside and shot it as an example to the rest?
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    @platypus for sure. Its a shame its now implemented individually for every site with no framework or standard for future streamlining.

    Honestly (though unpopularly), cookies matter a lot more for people that have something to hide. I couldn't give a shit what is collected on me so these prompts are solely annoying.
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    Best chance of improving things would be for Apple to turn mobile Safari into a strong privacy browser. Hurts their competitors more than them and they managed to kill Flash so could probably change cookie culture.
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    Can anyone please make a Chrome plugin that automatically accepts all "accept cookies?" questions?
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    @CoffeeMakesCode I'd like to enhance the experiences of those fucktards with a big cactus shoved up their asses.
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