I am started to get serious on youtube. The number one thing I am looking forward is to buy a good pair of gaming microphone. GIve me all your suggestions, please.
I have these option currently in my bucket - https://glinkster.com/best-gaming-m...

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    I would say Shure SM57 because that freakin mic can do anything xD
    (Audio enthusiast joke, ignore, I actually have one though, it's great)

    Okay jokes aside the only one of these that I've actually used is the Blue Yeti, and while it doesn't compare to a mic+interface combo it's pretty awesome and convenient.
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    @RememberMe I am hearing a lot about Blue Yeti. All are saying it is a great value for money.
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    @MattRowen Indeed. I may be completely wrong though.
    Let's get more experienced people to weigh in.

    *amidst a sea of fire and brimstone*
    I summon thee, @oudalally and @S-Homles-MD !!
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    @RememberMe Sure... Thanks a lot.
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    What's your channel?
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