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    @ichijou although, this assumes you have the social skills to not want to vomit if you're closer than 5 meters to a girl.
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    Well I'd rather have a gf than a 1070
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    Relationship because:
    - A gtx won't drag me out of the house to go hiking.
    - A gtx won't do crazy shit to make me laugh when I'm depressed.
    - A gtx won't jump on me when I walk in the door and give me hugs and kisses.
    - My wife is my best friend and has been there for me without fail, and she won't blow up if we have a power surge.
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    I’d choose a relationship since I don’t have an income, and I’m losing interest in gaming by the day
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    What if my girl wants me to buy the card?
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    This is enough!
    It's time I learned wtf PUBG is.

    Edit: oh.. that seems pretty cool...
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    I have a 1080TI which should be about twice as fast, where can I pick up my 2 girlfriends? 😚
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    @CodeNoir my thoughts exactly, the OP must be lucky..try a house, savings and then drives you to debt for a lifetime..
    doubt if i would still pick the GTX though..
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    And the card can be use for mining too. :)
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    Everything you just said was absolutely correct. I love my wife 😊
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    Guess i'm screwed, i get paid less than 520$ :/
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    @vexusia us here in sweden pay almost 550...
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    1070 + Girl. I'm a no compromises kind of man. Plus a graphics card for my girl, she need one too.

    And if you're doing it right, a relationship saves you money. Shared rent/mortgage/heating/internet bill, less food waste, transport discounts, we even use each other's 2nd hand computer hardware & some clothes.

    My girl doesn't have that much of an income, but I haven't done any household chore in the last decade. Not because I think a woman should do it, but because she likes managing the house.

    So I come home from work/gym/hobby, eat dinner, play some overwatch or steam games with my girl, read some articles or books or whatever, watch netflix, have sex, do some coding in bed, fall asleep. I wake up with breakfast, kiss my girl on the cheek while she logs in to shoot down some noobs, and off to work.

    Why would I ever choose?
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    Oh and I've broken quite a lot of graphics cards, while -- despite me actively and roughly trying to void her warranty -- my relationship is still in lovely condition.

    Just find a girl with a good build quality, someone who knows how to keep it cool during a stresstest. All you need to do, is be each other's fan... I guess.
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    Well i have bothπŸ˜‹ GTX 1070 and a sweet gf...😍
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    after having a few relationships i would definitely prefer the gtx
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    Mine broke down just after the warranty πŸ˜‘ (yep taking bout 5 year relation)
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    Devs get paid a lot, so both 😎
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    could help you earn money
    GTX 1070 - yes
    relationship - no
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    GPU, "still good after years"??
    what is this, a joke???
    ... oh
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    @vexusia Isn't the price gouging due to all the crypto currency miners?
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    I get paid less than 500$!
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    Hi there friends
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