I've been going through some resumes lately. And apparantly it has become the new hype to show your "expertise" in a language with some fucking pie chart or whatever nowadays.

They'll have some fucking graph saying
"JavaScript 75%, C# 60%" 60% what? Did you finish 60% of some online tutorial? Are you claiming you know 60% of all functionality of a language? Did you dedicate 60% of your mice brain to learning it?

Stop putting fucking nonsense in your resume. If you think you have mastered a language for 75% by the time you leave your nursing school grow the fuck up.

Anyone doing this will immediately get turned down by me

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    If at least one skill is 100% then it probably shows how relatively well they are versed in each skill.
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    @sSam i agree, but i've yet to see one have 100% in something. There is never any such context
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    A ratio for how good they think they are in each skill?

    I.E. 25%, 25% and 50% would be that they are twice as good in the 50% skill as in the 25% one?

    Not that I don't think it's stupid anyway but just trying to make sense of it.
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    @BadFox It would be nice if there was some kind of standard for "rating" your skills.
    As applicant you want to say "i can do that really good" and "i'm in the learning of.." and you want to express that you're interested in improving your skill, maybe by working there.

    But. Percentages are complete bullshit for that. Something like stars or something, say
    1 - i don't know jackshit but wrote a hello world but i know you want this skill too and i'll work on it.
    2 - i can get shit done with this language but pls give me internet while working with it.
    3 - dude i invented this shit, ask me anything.

    Just as a proposal.
    There should be a fucken standard for shit like that, seriously. For applicants like me, life could be so easy.
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    Why not use this sort of scale
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    @dayo These are the grades for Devs in my workplace! Massive European bank
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    @dayo what does average beginner mean tho?
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    @nitwhiz i thought it was "advanced beginner". Not that that makes more sense to me.
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    @YADU oh, yeah, i misread that. Still, thats like writing 38%..^^
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    @nitwhiz indeed. It really would help everyone. Then again, we know exactly how much humans don't like change.
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    This idea is inherently flawed. You don't know what you don't know, and you think you know a lot especially when you don't. There's no good way for this. Only options I see are long pointless tests or interviews with developers, or just ranking languages in order of proficiency with some comments like "I made this (link) project but nothing else" or "I studied this in college but forgot a lot of it, so I'll need help or time to relearn it"
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