Ok fellow dev's, the engineering head said that he had to let me go because apparently I'm a very talented engineer but I have a bad attitude. All of this because he claims I don't seem too interested in meetings and all that bs.
So from Monday on it's Knowledge transfer time since major parts of our product have been written by me.Wish the head had some balls, and told me he was firing me because I wont suck up to him and be a yes man, bastard thinks you can hire and fire good dev's just like that (he can) .Plus he has never appreciated folks for the effort and the work they do. :(

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    If you are willing to participate in the knowledge transfer phase your attitude can't be all bad, surely.

    Prove him right and come into work in your underpants.
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    Just go that knowledge transfer meeting and actually bring a really entitled and bad attitude.
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    Hand them a cat turd in a box and say, "Knowledge transferred---I'm off for a beer."
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    @John47. Just write a damn ugly Iki page wirh just bullet points as knowledge transfer. Stop explaining and just refer to the fucking manual being that wiki page.

    Work remote and tell your boss to just 'read the code'. To know what is going on.

    Screw such employers.

    I vow to never be such an employer, never!
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