damn you linux how dare you exist

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    I'm scared to ask...but how did Ubuntu manage this feat?
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    Did she miss understand when the prof asked her to show him her Bionic Beaver?
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    Or was she told all labs would run on Arch and wasn't given the Ubuntu trigger warning?
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    She couldn't work with it and wasn't technical enough to install windows. I've seen the video a while ago, cringeeeeeee
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    @linuxxx Fair enough. College is hard...what with all the learning 'n stuff.
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    @platypus She selected the wrong OS in the ordering process and blamed the vendor in the video
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    @linuxxx Sounds like she probably wasn't ready for college anyway. Or elementary school.
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    Should have been phrased "Ubuntu helped girl to realize early that she is unfit for college."
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    I haven't seen the video so I may be misjudging something here, but

    I hate it when people just expect to be able to go through college (or anything, really) and blame it on everything but themselves and their work ethic (or lack thereof) when they don't do as well as they expected. It's supposed to be tough, damnit, it would be utterly pointless if it was really easy. You're not entitled to anything just because you exist.
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    Cant believe it made it on tv. Basically it took high profile tech support guys and fkin wasted so many hours in covering what shud've been a simple trip to d local geek/store.
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    @snaz just watch h3h3's reaction videos they are all actually funny
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    This is just a simple case of... Natural selection
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    Just watched the video, this is hilarious!
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    @platypus it's because some other girls think being a girl entitles them to dumbness.
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    If you are going to university and you want to study technical/computer subjects and your cant install windows on your machine I think you are NOT worth graduating.

    Stop going to uni only to get the degree! LEARN SOMETHING AS WELL!
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    This problem happened a few years ago when Netbooks came out...precursor to Chromebooks. Some of them came with Linux and the stores got so many returns they stopped stocking them.

    Question is how on earth she ended up on the Dell website buying an Ubuntu laptop in the first place. Not a common route for a tech illiterate. BestBuy would have sold her the piece of shit she really wanted.
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