Does this block of text make sense to someone?

"I feel like I am travelling in a train that is going somewhere. I don't know where it's heading so I keep peaking outside to see if I know the place. The road seems strange but familiar with ghosts of my past walking by.

Travellers come by often. I keep thinking if these travellers are real or a figment of my imagination. I try to entertain them, thinking maybe the traveller holds the key to my destination. But they don't. How could they? They are here on their own journey. They always get down at their station whereas I am stuck here sitting in this forsaken train of past, full of misery, despair and regrets.

I wish I can stop waiting. I wish I knew where I am heading or why I am sitting here. I just wish I had known the unknown."

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    Makes perfect sense. Seems you have one deep traumatic experience with something (parents or romance, most likely). One that 'forces' you to 'stay'.

    I'm betting that you feel like inside an invisible prison with no bars.
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    Train on a road? 🤔
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    Yeah, makes no sense to me. Sorry. Seems to be just some waffle full of contradictory statements. Sounds like you need some confidence and direction.
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    @DeadInside you are dead inside
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    Thing is, you can exit even anywhere if pulling the emergency cord. You just have to hand over the ticket upon leaving the train, the ticket that bears your name.
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    Feeling of aimlessness? Feeling the need to impress people? Lingering regret holding you back? That's what I took away from it.

    If I was to advise the person in the story, I'd tell them to forget the current journey, get off at the next stop and make their own way somewhere new.
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