It was disappointing when I heard that the concept I was working on was already developed by Google long time back. I had spent a complete month in implementation and thought process.

But, to motivate myself, I should feel proud that my idea was worthy that a technology giant worked on that.

However it was confusing to understand the behavior of someone who called my idea crap in starting but then appraised when he got to know that unknowingly it was duplicate of some Google's project.

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    What was the idea, I wonder. 🤔
    By the way same thing happened to me, I was working on an app which can be used to track emergency vehicles like ambulance. Turns out it won prize in some competition of Google.
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    My idea : http://nimn.in

    or here https://github.com/nimndata/spec

    Your idea sound really good. Do you mean automatic track on map?
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    @amitgupta holy shit. It is a good idea. You should implement it none the less. Just to see how it goes.
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    Thanks @makarand . But it seems exactly same but syntactically different to Google's protobuf
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    I compared Google's protobuf, Thrift, and Avro against Nimn. And found that Nimn is a bit different. It can not only give a small size but improved searching speed.

    So I'll continue with this project now.
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