My server is taking 7 minutes to boot with an ssd 🤔...

Time to systemctl blame the shit out of the system and figure out what config I messed up!

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    Fucking bios takes 3 minutes alone for all the hdds, memory testing and to show me the intel pxe boot agent of all 6 interfaces 🙆‍♀️
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    @Kimmax @hypervtechnics @FelishPhasma
    Welcome to the serverworld, where POST takes long.
    It has 0 to do with SSD.
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    @Linux yep! networking.service takes over 5 minutes for some reason... Other people have encountered this problem but no one online seems to know the route cause. The internet suggests reducing the timeout time but I’m not sure what or why something is timing out...
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    There is alot of tests and checks running, nothing you can do.
    Also, why do you want to reboot the server ?
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    I feel like I should mention that it's a server. I don't think anyone should expect that it should boot quickly.
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    @Linux well... more of I turned it on for the first tome in a while and noticed it took a long time to boot
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    @BadFox yes and no. In this case the networking service is causing the boot to take a long time. I probably messed up a config and if I can fix that then the boot will be quick.
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    @Linux yeah, I know. However, I don't mind, I'm fine with it doing whatever checks it needs, it's a server, it's not going to be rebooted daily anyways
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