It's 2018 and folks are still stuck "collaborating" on documents by sharing them back and forth over email.

MS Word Doc created in Office 2016 will not open in Office 365.


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    isn't there a web version of MS word tho? aka the same thing as Google docs
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    @Stuxnet "same" is only true if all parties use the web version.

    As soon as one person emails a copy, the entire collaborative environment falls apart.
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    @T3hbeowulf Well emailing a docx file wouldn't work with Google docs either.

    You're pretty much blaming the company for the incompetency of their users. Not how it works.
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    Google docs is free(as in beer). Office365 is not. In order to get the collaborative features out of O365, all parties have to have paid for it. I work for a very large company, and we have not paid for it. We paid for Confluence. O365 is a neat idea, but its cost is keeping users from adopting it.

    That's why Google is winning.
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    @bahua To use the web version of word, O365 doesn't appear to be necessary.

    I just created a bullshit account and I was able to access it and share a link to allow access to edit.

    I might be completely incorrect about this, but it's whatever. Doesn't really matter and the OP is all a matter of opinion.
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    The online version of MS Office is free aswell. You just need a Microsoft account.
    And wtf I can open doc docx even with libre office how does that not work for 365 vs. 16? Is a mac involved?
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    Please let someone make an online libreoffice suite, so that hopefully Google will die.

    Oh well, a man can dream.
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    Yeah, I had an innovative idea of a wysiwyg editor with save doc, share doc and other features years ago.... I thought I will be rich... then I was introduced to google docs
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    I see many of misleading things here:
    - office 365 (it's desktop subscription suite) and can open office 2016 doc files (including the previous ones, i think they changed file format in 2007)
    - office online, is the web version, is free and can open the new file format, if you try to open an old one, it can be converted and opened automatically
    - office 2016, 365 and online support sharing and coedit
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    In last resort, you can use a Word File inside a git repo.
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