Any brilliant people wanna help me get wifi working on my new HP laptop with Lubuntu? SO/SE is absolutely useless. I've been stuck for a few hours now unfortunately.

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    First find the make of the wifi device and then search , don't forget the kernel version
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    I need http://realtek.com/products/... but I can't seem to find a copy. Maybe I'm just fucking retarded. I'll probably get this in the morning.
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    Download the driver and install it manually.Took me hours to enable wifi in my HP with linux 😓
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    @CoffeeMakesCode yea i know the procedure but it's a massive pain
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    @YADU but the pain is worth it 😅
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    @CoffeeMakesCode linux users are a strange bunch. Turning off windows updates which takes 2 minutes -> 10 rants here. Trying to get something basic like wifi working -> 10 hours later: totally worth the effort

    Jokes aside. Ok my hp notebook it just worked on fedora when I tried it but it was like 2 years ago 🤔
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    Update: got it working. I'm feeling very proud of myself.
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