Is there any way to update Ubuntu 17.04 to 18.04 ?

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    @inaba sources.list for Ubuntu 17.04 is outdated.
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    Iirc you'll need to go to 17.10 then to ubuntu 18.04
    Google is your friend (:
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    Format disk, then install 18.04. That was easy.
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    If I'm not mostaken, on offical Ubuntu website in downloads tab you can find two options to upgrade to 18.04 LTS:
    1) get full image of 18.04, flash it to usb, boot usb, choose UPGRADE option.
    2) download special iso file intended for 17.04 => 18.04 upgrade, what to do next I don't really remember but hope you get the idea.
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    You don't, you switch to Debian /s
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    @Fatboy Good post. But don't tell me, tell something ud devs should be experts in using
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    @D--M A spying "friend"...
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