Biggest avantage to choose kotlin over Java, you wont get sued for using it.

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    @Torbuntu Yes, i was only kidding around :P
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    @Torbuntu Nahhh, as the tag state, its just a simple joke. Nothing more or less than that.
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    @Torbuntu False accusations? You are over thinking a joke too much, i never even stated a opinion about the language itself. (jokes != false accusations). If you dislike a language because you saw someone online made a joke about it, its your own fault not the one who made a simple unfunny joke.
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    @Torbuntu If thats the case, you´re are begin a hypocrite yourself, by imply in one of your earlier comments that microsoft knows all of your settings. True it has been proven that microsoft collects your data, but not your settings.
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    @Torbuntu Sorry i just realized i am huge moron because i misunderstood the context of the message i referenced to. I just realized i took this discussion way to long out. By the legal terms of the false accusation part you are right, but i am still standing by the part that jokes doesnt ruin technologies. I admit i made the discussion uncivilized, and i am an idiot for that, I hope you can forgive for that. Anyway have a goodday sir.

    Sorry to everyone else this could have offended, i have nothing against the language myself, i personality love to use java, this was only a joke to make fun of the lawsuit / make a joke about it.
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