Hey guys.
Have a look at, and be mesmerized

Offered to redo the page in exchange for one night, let's see what they say.
Btw anyone knows what bullshit was this build up on? Can't check the code on phone.

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    The old devs seems to use every pencode he can find and slap it in. Better redo from 0

    Also one night only?
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    built with adobe muse
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    For app users:


    Also, what do you mean by 'in exchange of one night'?
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    Nvmd.. got the one night thing.

    Did you do the video or the website?
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    @Alice so? Does that bother you in anyway?
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    I have never seen a site that is partialy laggy. Like the background just scrolls but the content (overlapped probably with absolute padding) has a mayor delay. Stuff doesnt even scale properly
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    Well I saw their car today, the most hippie small car (you know, the ones you can drive with a motorcycle licence) with flashing paintings and neon like letters, had to see what it was...
    It's a hostel.
    Looks really nice. I bet I can do a better web page in one day, maby I'll take my mom's laptop (she can't even turn it on so it's everyone's laptop) and code there in trade of the night.
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    And I would love the experience, owners look cool
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    Let us know if you hear from them.
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    Of course :D Will be a funny story.
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