Just wasted 3 hours because i was manipulating the context dictionary in django of a different view that i was actually checking.

When you see there is no answer to whatever you search, move back and go for a walk.
This shit drove me nuts.

Now i need my brain to calm down.

Still wondering why my mom thinks i'm a clever guy.

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    It's probably because of your persistence. That may sound stupid, but I'm an absolute fucking tool and yet I'm often called very intelligent, just because of my strong will to reach certain goals, at any cost, even though it probably takes me thrice as long to reach that goal than it would take actually intelligent people. I'm fucking dumb – but I'm also persistent.

    Sorry to destroy your potential dreams, but you're probably just as dumb as me, but you have the advantage of being nearly autistically persistent and strong-willed. It's not bad per se, but it's not something we deserve kudos for, because that's just what we are.
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