decided to participate in a short c++ curse at uni, just to refresh my memory about it since it seems rather important.
Got sidetracked at the preparation task, which was the usual hello world...
I'm running this in emacs now...
Like, one view is the program and under it is the shell run from inside emacs...
I dunno why... send help?
Now I'm considering how can I configure the emacs shell in a fun way.. oh dear.

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    You lost me at emacs :( vi ftw!!
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    @Condor I use LISP. I need emacs. :( I need the repl.
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    @RantSomeWhere Hello there, emacs-friend! :D yay I'm not alone!
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    @RantSomeWhere blasphemy!!! That said, I've just installed it on my devbox and it actually doesn't look all that bad, and with some tweaking here and there I can see how this could become usable. I don't like how it spawns a new window outside of the terminal though.
    @hasu well I guess it serves the purpose then :') horses for courses.
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    @hasu is it you the one that once commented you always get distracted and instead of doing your job you start tweaking and customizing your IDE and stuff like that?

    I like it ;) you're pretty much like me then.
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    @antorqs yep. Was me x)

    @oudalally it's a "summer uni' 3 day course and not a proper university module. How the uni treats c++is amazing here. You get a course of one week, before the semester starts, 2.5 days C and 2.5 C++. After this they expect you to use it for a course which is "technical computer science" and most projects take it for granted that you have to be fluent in c++... but they kinda don't teach it properly.
    We have 2 semesters of java and one of haskell instead. Lol.
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    I use spacemacs too. @RantSomeWhere @hasu You are not alone.
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    @oudalally I suck at spelling ;D in every language I speak/write I suck at spelling...
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