Who here is programming with React Native and is crying about it?

It's so volatile. Shit it has done so far:

- Randomly changed my IP location that it serves to and npm start that shows the welcome information keeps the old IP address, so I spent way too long trying to figure out why it wasn't working.

- Constantly having to rm -rf the node modules and npm i them because Expo randomly starts loading so slowly that you want to scream.

- Downgrading my react-native-scripts version in the package.json because it hangs forever on the starting packager.

- I also had to downgrade my expo dependencies because during one of my node module reinstalls, it would update the version and apparently Expo is incompatible with its own updated version.

And now I'm randomly getting an error that's apparently a known bug in one of the react dependencies and now I have to downgrade that as well.

Just. Why.

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    It is for this reason that I don't want to go into front end development. Too many workarounds and hacks and issues that after a while it will make programming seems like a chore. Instead of having a stable platform where you can focus on solving business problems, you have a platform that demands you to put time to solve its problems instead.
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    @MrCSharp so what do you dev? I know c# but wpf is horrible...
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    @Braed i did WPF and fell in love with XAML. For my day job it is Razor but side projects are UWP apps (all done with XAML). If you didn't like XAML or you didn't understand it, try reading a book called "XANL unleashed". It's what i used to learn it. It's for WPF but everything you learn can be used in UWP too.

    I'm also learning Blazor and very interested in ML ( there is more to programming than just fancy UIs )
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    @MrCSharp what are your thoughts on Electron? I find HTML and CSS to be very powerful when used properly, although both disgusting to work with.
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    @Braed While you can almost always find me on the frontline of people making fun of HTML, CSS, and JS I have to be honest here and say that I don't have much experience with them. yes, I know how to use them but they are not my specialty. As for electron, I've never had a chance to play with it.
    However, I'd say that the main thing that I find irritating about HTML is that it was designed as a language to "describe" documents with links. Somehow someone decided it was time to make it do more. But instead of improving HTML, they decided to introduce CSS.
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    @Braed This is all fine and nice kind of, but then someone had the smart idea that these documents created in HTML (a document description language, if I may say) should have animations and stuff (which go against what a "document" is since you can't really print animations) so you now have JS. To me, this whole stack feels like a bunch of Band-Aids each introduced to force the others to do things they can't and weren't supposed to do. I always compare HTML, CSS and JS to XAML because XAML is intended to build UIs (not documents like HTML) while you can also style, animate, and do a lot of UI behaviors directly in XAML. Then, if needed, you can do more fancy stuff with C# when XAML can't do it on its own. Basically what I am saying is that XAML as a markup language is well defined and can do a lot on its own unlike HTML. Now I am not bashing HTML, just saying why I am not a huge fan.
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    @Braed and one more major difference between HTML + CSS and XAML is that you can easily vertically align stuff:
    <Button VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Content="I am a nice XAML button" />

    And you can also move those styles to a "ResourceDictionary" (which is written in XAML too) and then reference the style from the button like:
    <Button Style="{ThemeResource MyNiceButtonStyle}" Content="HelloWorld" />
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    @MrCSharp you made some great points and as a web dev I have to agree that the stack feels awfully hack-y. Nothing is intuitive, but flexbox was a game changer.
    I don't know anything about xaml and only have minimal experience with wpf, but I'll consider learning it. Blazor looks promising.
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    @Braed agreed! Flexbox is something that should've been introduced a long time ago.
    Maybe they'll bring back Xaml to the 'Web with Blazor... 😉
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