Successfully wasted 4 hours then realised jQuery was not inserted..

jQuery inserted..
Bug Fixed.. o_O

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    That's... that's not the issue here
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    @nate so what's the problem then??
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    Let me fix that for you:

    jQuery inserted..
    Bug Created.. o_O

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    @RememberMe wooh!!
    It's really worked..
    Thanks a lot X)
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    $ is not defined
    How can one overlook that?
    At that point you should know that jQuery is either not included, or the order of your scripts is wrong (eg executing the script relying on jQuery before it's loaded)
    Even if you are not experienced enough to know that directly, you copy that error into your trusted search giant and get an answer in under one minute
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    @Kimmax Well.. You are right m still junior and when I was using jQuery at very first times I didn't know how to check errors of jQuery syntax and all. You don't believe I was always checking the syntax only and again running the application. I didn't aware about all this stuff so this is the reason behind those four hours :)
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    @thesagya understandable. Fire up the dev tools of your browser and watch out for red bois next time
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    @Kimmax yes. Thanks!
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