This was at a hackathon which my study organises yearly. It's a 24 hours challenge and you've got to work in teams. It's always from 12 (noon) to 12 (noon the other day).

Another group of programmers was pulling their hair out because of their code not working, it kept crashing and they didn't see it after more than an hour (half of the team had difficulties with keeping their eyes open and it was about 3-4am so we were already programming nearly non stop for about 15-16 hours).

Walked by and offered to take a look:

Took a look and about two seconds later:
"oh you're missing a hashtag there *points*"

All programmers at once: MOTHERFUCKER! (or in Dutch: GODVERDOMME!) (motherfucker contextualizes the situation better imo)

I think I made their entire hackathon at that moment 😊

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    Amazing 😂 Bet they were grateful af
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    Hahaha that is awesome
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    Awesome, haha!

    But "hashtag"? ☚ī¸
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    @SheShell How'd you call it? We call it 'hekje' which means 'fence' in English 😅
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    'Raute' in German (rhomb in English)
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    @linuxxx @SheShell Hashtag is fine for American English. It can also be called a pound sign, or an octothorp if you're weird
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    @linuxxx It's called an octothorp/Hash as @Orni mentioned. Hashtag is a term used to refer to the word or phrase preceded by the octothorp/hash sign collectively.
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    @SheShell My psi motors 😅
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    @linuxxx What? I don't get it o.O Am I missing a reference to something here? 🙊
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    Is it generally a good idea to do hackathons in shifts?

    Like you get the requirements, brainstorm and plan together then half the team goes and sleeps while the other half codes and then you switch off halfway or something before all getting together in the last few hours to finish it off

    is the heightened alertness worth the loss of a few team members?
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    @SheShell Mother of God autocorrect, how in the living fuck do you autocorrect 'apologies' to 'psi motors'?!

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    @A-C-E I like the staying awake challenge myself :)
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    @linuxxx Oh damn, haha xD
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    This reminds me on a sick new years eve in high school, where the girl friend of the host had banned all booze, but we had found some old PC connected to a monochrome display with only an IQ test running. So after 6h play, 4 o'clock in the morning I look at the screen: there this shape does not belong to the other it is black!
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    @linuxxx Turn that shit off! Autocorrect is the program from hell sent to torment us.

    Makes for a hell of a laugh sometimes though! 😂

    Man, psi motors sound really cool though. I kind of wish they were real now.
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    @linuxxx haha, it's funny to read the translations as Dutchman.
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    @unknown Dutch myself ;)
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    I refuse to call it hashtag. It was called pound sign while I studied. It was probably called that way before. In an effort to keep things standard, and not sound like a fucking twat, I will continue to call it pound sign.
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    My tutor at uni C class said "hashtag include" etc. It's "hash" at most (still not really correct in English, but it was in my language), not a f!@#ing "hashtag"! Made me cringe. And not only me.

    I wonder if she called C# "C hashtag" as well - we didn't have classes with her next year, when we started C#.
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    @hazel We only call that sign a hashtag. For example if you'd say #Linux, you'd end up with: "hashtag-Linux!"
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    @linuxxx Only when it's used for tagging - it's a hash-tag, it's a hash-prefixed tag. Like on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

    Not "#include" or "#define" in C or C++!
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    @A-C-E I've done a few hackathons where its only been a handful of coders and the rest are all "industry" people... Sleep is for the weak!
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    @daarkfall sleep is also for those who want to waste less time while trying to fix the code. More tired = more time wasted looking for the # or ; or whatever that’s breaking it
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    In French, the hash sign is called "dièse" (the music sheet term) and "croisillon" (the dictionary term). Nothing too amazing ^^'
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    This night, on stories that never happened....
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    @arcioneo @Linuxxx isn't really the type to tell false stories, in my opinion.
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    @arcioneo @TheOct0 I just find it weird that when someone doesn't believe a story, they immediately, without even asking stuff, try to discredit the ranter and story with comments like this.

    If you don't believe it, at least fucking ask about it.

    For the record, this happened.
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    @linuxxx Well sometimes you can't help but write /r/thathappened in the comments, but there it's just stupid according to me :/
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