Is it ok to register a domain in another country. I just registered a .tk domain and i'm au.

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    I'm fine with my cc domain and I'm from Germany. 😂

    There may be restrictions or things to do on some cases... but nah.
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    There are country domains where you need to have a registered living address (or someone stupid enough to give his address), .de being an example. Others don't require that, especially these small island countries that make some money off the domain registration.
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    Dont fucking move, the police is on the way
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    Pretty sure its ok as long as they aren't .com extensions like .co.uk or .com.au

    But don't take my word for it when the po po come breaking down your door
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    You are a criminal now and there is no going back . Enjoy prison time
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    @lxmcf i can use .com.au because im australian
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    If it's personal use than it's however .tk is recognized for having 80% of its domain name for malware spreading.
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