TL;DR: No YouTube Music! Fuck you.

Disclaimer: I could use an Adblocker but my old one always crashed and YouTubes Ads are short and not that bad - mostly just banners in the video player.

Rant: Yes google, I AM listening to music on youtube. I am your target audience for YouTube Music. But I am NOT interested.
You see, I wouldn't listen to music on YouTube if I had the spare money for Spotify, Apple Music or some other stupid overpriced service that gives the actual artists not enough of what they charge.

And giving me the same ad over and over again just annoys the fuck out of me. I DON'T WANT FUCKING YOUTUBE MUSIC. I am not interested in a free trial. I am not interested in buying it.
The most stupid thing is that Google provides a dislike and like button for ads. I pressed dislike so often yet it still comes up. GOOD QUALITY!

Why on earth is every fucking big company lost in copying every shit that others make and that has success? Where is my loved innovative Valve?! The innovative Google? They all just crave for fucking money making stuff. As if they still needed more...

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    Same about fucking Wix and jimdo. Both are shit
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    @CodeAlex Oh yes. Lately I've been getting the same fucking GoDaddy ad. "Du hast eine Idee? Dann Zeig sie allen!" (Dude presses on a "Show 'em all"-Button, confetti falls and they party).

    IS THIS SERIOUS? Or poorly made satire?
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    @BambuSource the real joke is that they got templates for web designers
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    preach it, and when normal youtube always asks if you want to get the premium service when you change apps
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    @DS391 Or how they added a Arrow with the Subscription: "Downl..." next to like and dislike in the app... That just gives you a "purchase YT premium"-popup. Pathetic.
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    Wait until you buy a washing machine online. You will get washing machine ads for the next 500 years because AI thinks selling washing machines works like selling drugs or so.
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    @Fast-Nop private tab for that :p
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    @RantSomeWhere *sobs*
    I still.. believe... *tears running down my face*
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    Capitalism means they totally do need more money, it's just the sad way the world works these days.
    But really of course they're ad spamming you so they can make money. Maybe they just don't have actual ads to play you (because ad pocolypse and what not) so they use the upgrade to premium as a fallback

    But on the real for a second your totally right they are super annoying
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    Same thing when google maps asks me to use their "optimized" location service, which I do not want, but there is no way to disable the popup. So every time I enable the gps and open maps I cannot immediately use the fucking thing, but I have to wait a few secs until the popup shows up and I deny it - over and over again
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    i think the point is to annoy people until they give in to paying for it.
    i'd say they are doing a good job...
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    @BambuSource Private tabs wont help on the ip tracking part
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    @Mathew-77 Luckily not every big company works like this...

    @endor Oh yes that fucking sucks

    @Yahoo If that's what they want, they're doing great.

    @nett18 True. But advertisers rarely use that. Or at least I guess so.
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    This is why i have adblock. Internet ads are cancer that needs to get purged out of the net. i have nothing against google analytical tracking for stats and if i like a yt artist i turn off adblock. but ad trackers and all the other stuff trying to make "my personal online life better" is garbage.
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    they are bisness coding noobs
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