What's the most stupid/raging way you broke a device ?

Me? I fell asleep in my bed, while reading some rants.. on my fucking phone and broke it while sleeping on it

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    Phone down the toilet.

    I've nearly broken *myself* using my phone in bed, almost strangling myself with the charging cable.
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    So far I've been pretty lucky and never broke a device, but I'm worried one day I might break my phone because I tend to fall asleep watching YouTube videos in bed.
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    @ElaineG Can I ask what you watch to fall asleep too?
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    @nate do you know what Asmr videos are? I sometimes watch those because I found out they help me sleep (there are many different types, so some work better than others for me).
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    @ElaineG Yes, have to admit I usually listen to the sexually charged ones. Probably not the best for listening to. Glad it works for you!
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    @nate haha I don't think I tried sexually charged ones, but we all have our little quirks! I tend to listen to ones about makeup, which is weird because I'm not normally into doing makeup
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    @ElaineG Quirks indeed! Yes, the problem I have in listening/watching things when trying to get to sleep is.... well... if they work, I fall asleep! So they can't be **too interesting** nor **too uninteresting** either! Tone matters too, which is why I imagine ASMR works for you.
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    @nate indeed. With choosing videos to fall asleep the tone is important. I've read not everyone is sensitive to Asmr so I count myself lucky there (I had some problems with insomnia, and being able to find videos that relax me in a weird way helped a lot)
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    Playing the first dark souls :D threw my xbox360 controller out the window :D i lived on an appartment complex, way above at the 7th floor(i think it was the seventh)

    I did it again weeks after. I did manage to finish it...but fuck that game.
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    @AleCx04 ah yes, good old dark souls (especially the part with the poison darts)! Have you played dark souls 2 and 3 aswell?
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    @ElaineG i did, also played bloodborne. Bloodborne was by far my favorite!!
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    If you slept, the rant was not good enough. Can we report the user who posted the last rant.
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    Most 'fabulous' way.. dropped it while climbing indoors on high wall.. Heard the ruckus 'downstairs' and was thinking to myself what idiot would have the phone on them while climbing.. I climb on, reach top, descend.. oh, it was me. I was the idiot. Was on call and someone ushered me it was my turn, I end the call fast, pocketed phone and forgot to zip.. well at least I tied myself in ok.. xD
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    @allankibet plottwist, he was proofreading his.. xD ;)
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    Not literally broken but fucking useless.

    Had an old laptop with a veery old bios and for some reason, only the Ubuntu installer which you could literally click on windows (windows 95 or so) worked because netboot and whatnot simply wasn't working anymore. (no love flash drives or whatever either, to be clear)

    Started the installer and let it run (took ages),went away for a while and everything seemed to be going well.

    Came back after a little and realized: I forgot to plug the charger in 😬

    😭 - it was useless.
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    My old sony ericcson cybershoot phone...
    I used it as an alarm every morning. I also tend to have a glass of water next to my bed.
    It rang.
    I picked it up.
    Turned of the alarm.
    Put it into the water glass.
    Turned around.
    Realized what i did.
    Oh shit.
    Pulled it out.
    It was still fine.
    Turned it off and took out battery anyway.
    Put it on a heater to dry for days.
    Rip. It never woke up...
    I loved that phone :( was very sad.
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    Reporting an assault 😂😂@sladuled
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    @allankibet why?! O.o phone didn't kill anyone.. 🤔 at least i think it missed everyone..
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