Nuked my arch today cuz my ssd will soon arrive and ill start afresh. Wanted to practice some c++ so booted up windows and god after staying away for about an year, it feels even worse(windows is fresh install too)
What a fkin nightmare everything was soo fkin laggy, too many distractions and basically the "fluidness" that I'm accustomed to has gone. I'm never fkin coding on windows again thanks.

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    It's 2018 and you get your first ssd?
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    Student so upgrade budgets aren't a thing. In d past 2 years thru saving I've managed to upgrade my ram, switched to dual monitor and bought a tablet for reading tech books. Ssd is d last of d puzzle @electrineer
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    @yatanvesh The only computer where Windows feels laggy is my crappy old netbook from 2010.

    @electrineer I don't even have an SSD at home.
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    @Fast-Nop what to you feels not laggy may feel laggy to some, then
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    @electrineer well booting takes some time, but not longer than making my coffee anyway. After that, 16 GB RAM will cache everything I need.
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    Lets just saw windows starts doing background disk ops whenever I'm doing something imp. And this ruins the balance of the universe
    What i mean by laggy is that it isn't responsive sometimes due to this kind of shit, and i hate inconsistency. On the other hand linux is ready to rock and roll all thr time
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