I finally got the GitHub Student Pack, for some reason, I’m so happy and excited to get it finally.😀

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    Please elaborate...
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    @gajahterbang If you'd like to know more, read up on this https://education.github.com/pack

    I'm just happy that I can finally have private repositories instead of trying to use an USB to transfer my project files between computers xD
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    @VenomDev or you could just use GitLab, and get free private repos for free (among other things, like free CI/CD)
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    @endor I've tried GitLab before, I still personally prefer GitHub. Plus the University I'm attending requires us to use GitHub since that's what they provide us for the degree.
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    @VenomDev you know that student pack should cost zero dollar right? Its for student bruh...
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    @gajahterbang Never said I paid for it, I said I finally received the benefit. Since it took me a while to get the University email that GitHub required before I qualified.
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