Not to ask the same question twice, but really hope for answers from you experienced devs.

How did you guys move into landing clients for yourself? Also, Have any of you used Instagram and landed gigs?

Thanks in advance guys/gals

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    @Holyfield3000 I'm not freelance, but there is a rant where @joshbent talks about it (he freelances)


    also video mentioned by @alice about how to set the price


    and yeah social media account like fb and ig probably helps maybe? but I don't have ig and neither do I use fb so no idea how much they do
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    @devTea Thanks! & Yea I use FB once every couple weeks, IG even less. So If I can get along without um , I'll be happy
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    @devTea thanks for posting it 😊@Holyfield3000 landing clients outside a middleman / escrow platform is usually the easy way to get scammed out of your money, don't ever do that if you can't risk to lose time and money - besides that, if after reading the linked post you still have questions, just tag me :)
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    @joshbent I need a proper porfolio website I guess. I have sites I've done but no platform to really showcase them. That and actually mustering the balls to talk to these companies is a big hinderance
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    @Holyfield3000 you'll get a profile on Upwork that can be used as a portfolio, though I'd suggest have a personal one to go with it too mirroring it, in case you'll ever get in trouble somehow and your profile gets deleted and you message on posted jobs, no need for companies search etc.
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    @joshbent I tried upwork, I gave up after a week though. How long did it take before your first gig?

    2) I was thinking along the lines of going to Mom & Pop shops. Then like @devTea recommended in the last post; having a contract written up amd make sure I'm paid a portion upfront
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    @Holyfield3000 as mentioned in the comment thread - digital freelancing isn't for everybody indeed, I don't honestly remember right now how long it took, but wasn't painfully long to be able to remember.
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    @Holyfield3000 on the second thought you probably don’t want it on fb and ig as they will attract more cheapskates rather than serious and professional one
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    Tell me about it, I used to graphic design for cash on facebook...people expected intricate designs for less than fuckin 50 bucks. *sigh*

    I'll give upwork another shot, it wont hurt
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