Boss: You'll need to make the presentation an hour earlier than usual. There'll be 20 people attending..

Me: Sure. Will everyone show up?

Boss: Oh yes, they'll show up.

*Reschedules other work at home*
*Gets 4 hours of sleep to wake up earlier*
*Prepares material*

*Shows up for the meeting 5 minutes earlier*

*Crickets chirp*

There literally wasn't a single person there. Everyone shows up at the normal fucking time and good old boss was 2 fucking hours late.

Guess what the presentation was for? To solve the fucking issue of why stuff never gets done on time and nothing works right. I think I might have a tiny fucking idea why, at this point.

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    Pardon my rudeness, but fuck them all.
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    i think there is a chance they played you lol
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    @webdev trust me. These morons wouldn't be able to play a harmonica if I glued it to their mouth and stapled their noses shut.
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    That actually went quite well considering the topic of the presentation.
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    Just open resignation.ppt 👏🎬 done
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    @hashedram I'm borrowing that, lol
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    Next time don't stay for the meeting. Say you presented and it was well received. When drilled on to whom, say nobody nonchalantly.
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    I can understand why everyone showed up at exact time, its because nobody likes last minute changes and all your boss did to inform was probably a mass cc email one day before.

    Anyways issue is in the culture. Not being on time for meetings on time is one thing, but inability to miss deadlines is completely another thing.

    Seems that your office culture and work processes could use a review and rework
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    @zemaitis nah. It was said 2 days in advance and everyone accepted.
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    Reminds me a bit of good old Dilbert

    Slightly different situation, but the same intention by management
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