Just discovered bulma.io! I've got to say I am completely in love with it! It's sooooo much faster than bootstrap and it's completely JavaScript free, you have full control over what parts of bulma you import and use, making it even faster.

I haven't had this much fun re-doing a front-end in years!

So what's your opinion on bulma.io (and/vs bootstrap) ? :)

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    Haven’t used bulma but I did hear a lot of bulma > bootstrap, but newcomers will probably soam bootstrap as more code example or plugin uses bootstrap rather than bulma
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    @devTea I personally used Bulma on a small website a week or so ago and I already fell in love with it as bootstrap felt way to bulky for me.
    Bulma is love. Bulma is life 😄
    Also i know @linuxxx is a big fan of bulma as well
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    This. Looks. Interesting.
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    - css from scratch
    - Bulma
    - Bootstrap

    I'm not saying above one is better than other. Each has own use cases. But in relationship, they can be sorted out that way. So Bulma is pretty balanced.
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