I was trying to fix my computer illiterate sisters computer, then I found out that there were two anti-virus programs that tried to delete each other.

When trying to delete the software I found out that the system admin does not have permission to use administrator rights at all. So in frustration I copied any valuable files, and reinstalled the entire OS.

Sometimes I wonder how people end up in these situations. She had 4 different anti-virus programs and still ended up getting multiple viruses! xD

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    I'm pretty sure every single one of these anti-virus programs was a virus lol
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    @jonii I have no doubt😂
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    Every place I've worked, the consensus among devs is that no dev should have anti-virus software (the exception being the built in Defender which is not awful). They are the biggest performance suck in the world.
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    @monkeyboy I totally agree with you. I have not had an anti-virus in years. It was actually the IT-department on her high-school that installed most of them, which makes me wonder what they are doing
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    This made my week. :D
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    I srsly dont know if wanna laugh or cry
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    @UltraJason i cried. A lot.
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