What do you guys think about Visual Studio Code?
I personally like it, just wondering your opinions.

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    Best of the best!
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    Really good
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    @SADAVA @zacg thanks for the input!
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    I have mixed feelings, I don't like it but neither do I hate it.
    It's not about code itself which is a great editor, it's about its technology. I don't like electron, multiplatform is great and all but all electron apps feel slow and use a lot of memory. on my pc with ssd visual studio 2017 takes less time than code to startup and uses almost the same amount of ram. This makes VS 2017 the best way to code .net apps cause it's faster and has overall better debugging tools. For languages unsupported by visual studio I usually use notepad++ or code (which again isn't a bad editor).
    Same story with the other electron apps I use like discord and github, I'd really like a native version.
    Plus with electron you can't choose the installation path and a few times the updater failed leaving a broken app installation (this probably deserves a rant of its own)
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    I like it.

    But I use vim more and more.
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    Replaced every other graphical code editor for me. Unless I need a full fledged IDE that is.

    I use it along Vim. Vim for when I have to remote into one of our servers.

    VS Code when editing our JS or PHP code.

    IntelliJ or Eclipse(mostly intelli j) when fucking with out Java apps.

    And Visual Studio for our .NET stufd(this is pretty recent at work but I am the only one that knows how to use it and i gots the enterprise edition, and i didn't even had to tell them)

    Also got the full suite from jetbrains. All awesome tools, but for small things I use VS Code as my main bixh
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    @AleCx04 @exelix thanks for the full fledged reviews!
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    Installed it three days ago, love it
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    I literally wanted to ask the same question. I'm kind of thinking to switch from sublime text to vs code. One thing I'm currently missing is to work directly over ssh on a remote directory. In sublime there is a plugin which pushes the file after each save operation to the remote. Any good recommendations for such a plugin? Or any other must have plugins?
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    the best thing I know for javascript and react etc.
    But the Vim emulation kinda sucks ass.
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    When i take my terrible low spec laptop that has mint to a game jam vs code and unity work really well im surprised that thing still runs i got it my second year of uni lol
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    **top tier tool**
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