I was here, before it was wk119...

This is my desk. There are many like it, but this is mine.

The setup is a little dated, but I love it, and when remote working, I've to use the company laptop anyway.

Intel Xeon 4x3.3GHz
16gb DDR3
geforce gtx 680
3 dell ips displays with display port
And my beloved g15 & g700

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    You know, you don't multiply frequency by core count...
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    @kamen how would you write it out as short as possible?
    Apparently you got my point nonetheless.
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    @Sefie You mention a model number or something like "quad core". Written the way you did it sounds like it comes from a marketing person with no clue whatsoever.
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    GTX 680 does not exist in desktop form factor...
    Did you mean 580? 780?
    Or is it a laptop (unlikely, given a Xeon)?
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    EDIT: Re-read your post and it says it's a laptop... But a laptop with a Xeon, 3 display port, an SSD, and multiple HDDs!?
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    @retnikt well... No, the specs are my desktop and that's what the nvidia settings app said...

    I'm pretty sure, it's this one:
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    @Sefie oh. I was thinking of the 800 series which are laptop-only.
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    Missing my own G15 :( best keyboard made .
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    Nice separation of concerns...

    Desk space...

    Stuff space (including mouse and keyboard) 🙂
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    @mrrmc never looked it like that. But you are right.
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