This is a view from a rooftop in NYC that I sometimes get the pleasure to work from. I really like the view and it’s pretty quiet usually. It also overlooks one of my favorite buildings, the Empire State Building.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s desks, setups, and remote/outdoor workspaces.

We’ll be featuring them on our recently launched devRant Instagram account, devDesks (https://www.instagram.com/devdesks).

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    New York is beautiful ❀
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    @theNSA catch up your game NSA
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    Duddeeee... I'm jealous.
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    Adobe, right?

    One of my favourite companies gave me another reason to work there.
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    You're living my dream
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    Those file names look really long. What language is that?
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    @theNSA it really is an interesting city - so much going on, for the better or worse haha

    @Floydian Adobe is a good company! I love Lightroom - I edited this photo in it and use it to edit/organize all my photos.

    @billgates PHP, the devRant web/API codebase. And yeah, the filenames are long as many of the classes used to be in a shared framework/SDK I built so they are prefixed with “devrant”.
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    @dfox but the devRant image compression makes the editing moot? You have a link to the original?
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    @billgates Yeah, for this version it doesn’t make a huge difference, but even the basic HDR processing out of the camera was done in Lightroom. Better quality version here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3hfaSTSXq...

    @Bitwise haha, that’s awesome. Greenwich and LES are both great areas. I have to check out that bar one day, I will try next time I’m down there. Edit: if I’m looking at right one I think Yelp says it closed :/
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    @theNSA joke about your name :3

    NSA is supposed to know everything :P
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    @dfox Wow! how amazing.

    Their products are good, I never understood why they hated so much by dev community. Though they are expensive, but if you got some creativity and skills, we can nail it.

    How's your overall experience? I am just wondering how they are allowing dual employment (you working with them while managing devRant)?

    Or are you undercover?
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    @Floydian at most companies here you’re allowed to have side-projects, as long as you work on them on your own time and they don’t compete with the business. So Adobe is a pretty good match for me as it’s clear they don’t compete in the developer community marketplace and are of course very design/marketing focused. If @trogus or I worked for a company like Google or FB I think it would be a problem because they have their hands in almost everything and can make the argument for pretty much anything that it’s competing.
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    Woah, I couldn't code there, I'd be too busy enjoying the great view. πŸ˜…
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    I mean looks neat but i couldnt work with just a laptop :/
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    @nin0x03 ha, yeah, sometimes it is a bit distracting.

    @sharktits when I’m at work I use my laptop and one external monitor, but I still pretty much always code on a single monitor. When I’m home, I usually don’t even use my desk and I end up just coding on my laptop. Not sure what it is, but I’ve never personally liked using a lot of monitors.
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    @dfox Exactly my point.

    These giants are into everything their employee does. Same with mine.

    Best part about Adobe is they are tech company yet nobody really bothers them for their stuff. And using tech they work for design (art at large) domain which makes them best out there.

    Recently my employer broadcasted an e-mail asking us all to submit our 'start-up' idea so that they can fuck up with them.

    I have heard that at Google, employees can work on their idea during working hours and if successfully Google supports it. Legends say, that's how Gmail and stuff came to life.
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    @Bitwise having never been to NYC, what is the best time of year to go? (Also what all should I do?) It's driving distance for me but I can also fly.
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    @dfox you should crank things up a notch, code naked.

    πŸ”­ ┬┴┬┴─ ΝœΚ– Ν‘°) β”œβ”¬β”΄β”¬β”΄
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    -- just because of jealousy (nah, actually it's really cool, so ++)
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    Wow! Just wow!
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    That view is so fascinating.

    Please @dfox instead of a instagram account, create a twitter account for devdesks. I am guessing most of the devs here browse twitter more than instagram.
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    @bigus-dickus lol

    @xzvf the laptop in the picture is my personal one and all of the software on there is licensed to me

    @socksAndSandles thanks. Interesting idea. We will consider a Twitter account too.
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    @dfox wow, absolutely killer view. I imagine it does well at counteracting stress.
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    But Adobe (India) CTC/Compensation are scam !
    They bloat ur CTC , but base will 25%of ur CTCπŸ˜‚
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    @Nawap you work for Adobe? WOWWW!!!

    Dude refer me.
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    *sighs* I cant stress myself... I'll just take photos of my cluttered desk and place them on my own Instagram handle
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    Wow !! Awesome !!
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    I have a suggestion for next week's topic:

    What are the most interesting projects you have worked on over the summer?


    What was your greatest accomplishment over the summer?
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    No I don't , long time ago
    They came to college for placement!
    Got rejectedπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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    @dfox Adobe stole 600 dollars from me so they’re on my list.
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    @FrodoSwaggins how did they steal $600?
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    @dfox I bought a copy of photoshop and they revoked the license a year later and wouldn’t give me my money back.
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    @FrodoSwaggins you mean of a physical copy?
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    @dfox no so here’s what happened, and it’s kind of complicated: I bought a license from a reseller, and it activated no problem on an official copy of cs6. Used it for a year and then it shut off.

    Called adobe, they said it was a counterfeit key.


    Looked for reseller, and they’ve vanished. Hmm, maybe they’re right.

    Found the resellers site on archive.org and looked them up. Stole somebody else’s entity ID. Yes, theyre definitely right


    it doesn’t matter. It is adobes responsibility to come up with an activation system that isn’t so insanely easy to crack that everybody can do it. Not mine. And if somebody is ripping off their product, it’s their responsibility to go after them and press charges. Otherwise there’s no deterrent. If I were them, I would honor the licenses that it’s my fault that somebody was able to rip off, and go after the perpetrator for the cash sum.

    More, since adobe is trying so hard to push CC it wouldn’t surprise me if they were the ones opening counterfeit companies to sell bullshit licenses to people. Bonus! Get to keep the money and push them to creative cloud. Now I’m not saying that has to be happening but I’m just saying it wouldn’t surprise me if it were, and the fact that adobe does nothing about these counterfeiters is weird either way. Maybe they’re just happy their customers are getting ripped off because they can still sell you CC

    I told them I will never fucking pay them for monthly subscription software, since they’re only doing that to rob us, and all of this is clearly part of the plan to force us to do it

    How do I know?

    Because the argument “we stopped selling full licenses because they’re easy to crack” is bullshit

    It is not hard to make a secure key generator, so the fact that they haven’t is pathetic.

    I digress.
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    @FrodoSwaggins that sucks. They probably could’ve done something for you. I also agree about the key cracking thing. Shouldn’t have been that easy.

    But I do think CC goes a long way to combating piracy. Adobe software was some of the most pirated in existence (even without the key hacking, so many cracks existed), and the tie in to cloud has curtailed that a lot, and also made it more affordable for students and other people who couldn’t shell out $600 for a program before.

    If you want, I can get you a full CC (all programs) 1 year subscription for $130 (usually about $636). Or Photoshop for about $25/year as opposed to $100+.
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    @FrodoSwaggins @dfox David being wholesome 😊
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    @dfox I just won’t do it. I definitely understand the stuff from 2002 and earlier getting pirated (static analysis didn’t provide as good security against binary patches, and Moore’s law was making key cracking pretty easy) but after a few trial runs they should have been able to learn from their mistakes by now. They’re on my list and they ain’t getting off! I got the feeling there was nothing I was going to say that was going to make them help me out.

    So, I found a suite on the Mac App Store “affinity” that’s actually quite good, and cheap to boot. So I use a combination of that and gimp now and I’m happy. I use pro tools for audio and Final Cut Pro 7 for video. So I’ll survive I guess...

    I just got a Mac Pro 12 core/24 thd with 128gb of ram (cheese grater) so I’ve had a fun toy to play with too!! Been setting up the studio again.
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    @Floydian wholesome like oat bran? Like what kind of fiber level are we talking here
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    @FrodoSwaggins sure, I mean if you’re getting by without it, then go for it :)

    If you ever do need Photoshop though, it’s practically free with my discount so just let me know.
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    @FrodoSwaggins sarcasm, right?

    @dfox can we also ask for it if needed?
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    @Floydian yup, I’m happy to hook you up. I get a very limited # of discounts and have almost used all mine for the year (for friends), but have a few left I think.
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    @dfox sure. Don't need it right now but will hit you up if needed. Thanks a lot man πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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    @dfox if I’m ever in New York I’ll take you out for a killer dinner. I used to be there all the time and I’m still in New England all the time.

    The creative stuff is still a hobby (although I’m getting to the point where I won’t be able to say that any more) so I’m hesitant to do the monthly thing. I’m worried because it looks like Avis is going to force pro tools users that way soon. If I was on a subscription for everything I’d be seeing several hundred fly out the window every month. Scary...
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    @Floydian ;) just Frodo swaggins being weird.
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    @ Floydian no problem

    @FrodoSwaggins sounds good :) that would be awesome.

    And yeah, the subscriptions do get pricey. Not trying to push you, but just let me know if it ever gets expensive and you do want it. My offer isn’t one year promo or anything either. I can get new codes every year as long as I’m there and they can continue to be used for consecutive years.
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    @dfox awesome, that’s very generous of you :)
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    Lucky you @dfox. I dream of this every time I commute to work. Working towards actualising that dream though
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    Really nice @dfox love these rooftop offices, so nice nowadays as even when WiFi is shaky you can rely on LTE connectivity
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    Man.... This is really awesome 😍
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    Ayee where is this at??
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