Cable Management was still a bit of a mess back then.

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    ParrotSec ♡ ☺
    Or just as background? 🤔
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    @Irithyll Just as a Background. It's Ubutunu...

    I'm a bit ashamed of myself for that
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    @undef Exactly. It has a "PC Mode" where you have not Input Lag etc.
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    Nah that's okay... :3
    It's a nice camouflage 😂

    But I love that background. :3 It has a nice dark touch.
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    @undef I can tell you that when i get home. It's an old Samsung TV.

    Cost a shit ton back then in 2010...

    Wouldn't recommend it if you buy a TV now.
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    @Irithyll @Irithyll Yeah also the Ubuntu Logo in the Lockscreen fit's perfectly :D

    I also enjoy using it with a transparent Vim terminal.
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    Mentioning me twice won't get you more of my attention... BUT... because it is you... I WILL give you more of it... well... I don't know how... 🤔

    🤡 Pew pew pew.
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    @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll @Irithyll

    I have no idea why i mentioned you twice :D
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    I'd ++ this so much... or so many... so mucho. No me gusta la lengua. Sí sí... fly ✈

    Well - maybe you're nervous... excited... expressed... emotionalized (whatever this means) - everything is okay now... pscht... 🤫

    xD Did you try Kali or Parrot once? ☺
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    @undef It's on purpose a bit edgy. I like that. Everything needs to look like a 90's hacker movie.
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    @Irithyll :D

    I used Backtrack (now known as Kali) back then. But i don't see purpose on using it now. I'm not so much into security stuff anymore and if i need a certain tool i install it.

    Tried Parrot too, but never worked much with it. Just the nice Wallpapers :D

    Do you use it? / Did you use it?
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    I am. I like the (pre-installed) look and feel of Parrot. Aaaand I'd like to use some features more for learning purposes... script-kiddy... pst... 😂
    I'm more into debian based systems - debian is nice ☺

    It's running on my home pc and little notebook (wiff dadsch (with touch)).
    I'll try installing Arche Noah Linux right now on my gaming laptop... should buy a new battery 🤔

    I used Windows before that and next to linux distros because of gaming but the Steam Proton Wine thingy will fuck that 😂
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    @Irithyll i too started to use Arch.

    But i haven't got the time setting everything up yet...
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    @MySlugLikesSalt Haha, definetly the best looking one :D

    And not so much of a dust catcher like everyone says

    Do you have a pic of yours?
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    @vlatkozelka Double sided duct tape...

    Just kidding, i just made screwed some screws directly from the backplate to the wall behind it.

    It's a mess to re-mount it (which i have to do to refill the water coolant), but looks cool and you don't need some special wall mounting.
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    I like the idea of hanging the pc to the wall!
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