So I recently installed Arch Linux... I don't get it. I got one little error... easy "fix" though :/ The minimum is up in less than half an hour... then maybe installing a desktop environment (I like MATE)... and... that's it.

What's the big thing I missed?
Is it only because "da user has da force" and "da user is da control master"?
Is it only that the user (in this case me, myself and I) is responsible for every fckin package, update whatever?

I'm sorry for my stupidity but... I'm not sorry for my intelligence 🧠 ðŸĪŠ

It didn't feel special in any way :(
but was a bit interesting ðŸĪ”

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    Arch is at the bleeding edge in terms of updates. Things are more likely to break than on other distros. Also, yes, it reuires more work from the user. Starting with the installation from commandline.

    But, arch has one of the best "linux-wikis" i ha e ever seen. So much valuable information in there.
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    Aah... okay... well... it wasn't really a highlight at all 😂
    I thought there'd be more... ðŸĪ”

    I'd just install everything I need. Drivers here (sometimes it isn't even necessary) and... dependencies are marked as well - INSTALL DIS BEFORE DAT.
    Some programs there... ready to use.

    I get the idea... but that's a bit boring for me. :/

    Ofc I read the FAQ an what Arch Linux is for (it depends on the user)... ðŸĪ”
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    @Irithyll time to start your own distro

    A Souls-themed one which is hell when you're starting out but one of the best once you get going.

    Oh, and has a Prepare to Die version in which you have to write your own kernel.

    Seriously though, imagine a distro full of Souls references.
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    Uuuh... wrong command - You died.
    Nah.. not that evil 😂 😈

    But that's a nice idea ♡ ☹
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    @Irithyll there actually is a Suicide Linux that destroys itself if you make a mistake in the command line, lol
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    It's my second tattoo, still fresh (inked last week thursday)... my whole left arm will get a tattoo...

    I have fat fingers 🖐ïļ 😂

    and this is a shitty perspective :x
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    Dis ma first tattoo 😂
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