I don't even have a desk at home, I just put my laptop anywhere I feel. And sometimes I just want to be by the fire ^^

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    Welcome to DevRant, and a good workstation that is!
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    Looks like a mac, should probably just put it in the fire.
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    Where are you from? If I see fire right now I think I can become mad! We have 30° even in the night in Italy.
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    This photo proves that best things in life are free
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    @hexc I guess so, but it's so overprice I'd rather keep it.

    @WabriDev I'm in Québec. Right now, it's pretty hot here too, but sometimes we have "cold" nights around 18C.

    @Orni thank you, I'm pretty shy right now but i figured that if I dont wanted to be stuck in lurking mode, I should post something and break the ice!
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