My setup.. Tbh I have nothing to say about it except that the colors of the left monitor are shitty af :D

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    The background on the left side looks better... haha 😂
    It's not only red and white... but with some gradient... (don't know if it's the right word).
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    @Irithyll yea maybe on the pic. But that purple looks terrible in reality, honestly I'm happy that I got one terrible instead of no 2nd monitor
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    Yeah on the picture it's perfect 😂

    I'm more into fully black (better said dark) backgrounds with some special symbol, thing, person whatever 😝
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    Ooh firewatch! I use that same wallpaper on my work laptop, it's so nice to look at!
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    omg, I'm so pissed to not be able to get a consistent coloring between my 2 monitor man! I know how you feel hahaha
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