Friend: Can you write me a discord bot?
Me: Sure, I guess.
Me: *thinking* I can probably do it in 2 hours or less*
Me: *2 hours later* why does this API work like that and why the fuck is my node module folder so big???

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    Use discord.js my friend. Its awesome
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    @Jifuna WTF is there a JavaScript module/runtime/engine for everything you might ever need?
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    @jonii *wrapper yes. I used it for a dadbot in my own language (Dutch). Turned out pretty okay.
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    There are actually like 3 or more js libs for Discord. @jonii
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    If you need something, npm has it. The question is, how many gigabytes is your node_modules gonna be afterwards.
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    @Jifuna yep! Thats what I’m using, however I’m finding some of the api counter intuitive...
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    @FelisPhasma I've written a shit ton of bots for Discord, want me to help you out?
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    @TheOct0 well, I’ve mostly got it down now, the one issue I’m having is getting a list of the roles held by a particular user (and not the user who sent the message)...
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    @FelisPhasma Good luck, you have my support
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