Job application asked if I have experience with difficult customers and needing to repeat concepts in different ways.

How many people in the vast field of computers and technology HAVEN'T experienced this?

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    They say something once and assume that's good enough. Sometimes they repeat it louder and angrier if the first attempt didn't push a feature into production immediately. But explaining concepts? Never. That's too much effort, and they have their slide decks to focus on.
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    @Root valid point. And they walk off of you prove them wrong
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    @QueenMorgana Don't forget grudge-holding. The effort from that alone makes them feel entitled to another $20k/year.
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    Fuuuuuck. Yeah I had a meeting yesterday with one of the users of an internal web app I made about a few bugs with the vague details of "I did something and it didn't work" (paraphrased obvs). I left him with the the intern we hired to do testing for us so she could explain how bug reports work ^_^

    Also, additional only slilghtly joking answer I have soooo much wanted to answer to those kind of questions: "yes I DO have experience with figuring out different ways to answer the same question. I'm so good at it you probably can't even tell I'm doing it right now!"
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