I just heard about "Julia Programming language" where they're kinda combining speed of C and usability of Python into one language. Just wanted to ask how big is it? Does anyone has anything to share on this topic?

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    Does it matter how big it is?
    It sounds amazing, compatible with jupiter notebooks.
    Good for data stuff, good for scripting, good general use... Learn it!
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    It is not that big now of course *_*
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    When I checked it last time (a year or two ago, they wanted to optimized it) the memory footprint was at least 200 MB.

    I guess it's better now.
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    Well today I started to learn Julia. It has 1-based indexing. NO no no no no no skip this language. Besides the fact that it's indexing isn't 0-based I haven't really had any issues other than v1.0.0 is still new so you're going to need to wait awhile before your frameworks are compatible
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