Going to China with work soon to provide on site support, anyone done this before and have any tips/experiences?

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    I lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, but honestly this is not China.
    What exactly you would like to know? What you fear the most?
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    Little tip that I've read a lot: use a different phone with no valuable/private information on it (besides few numbers, of course).
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    Also don't criticize the Chinese government. Big no-no.
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    1) Consider yourself continually spied upon.
    2) Don't share tea. Apparently it's quite rude.
    3) There is no freedom of speech. You cannot say anything the Chinese disapprove of without having to face consequences for it. Especially about the government.
    4) VPNs are illegal last I heard. Don't try using Tor.
    5) Don't being your personal phone. Use a burner.
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    No real fears, just trying to learn what to expect
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    @milkybarkid That *hugely* depends on where exactly you will live. I assume the rich east coast (Shanghai, Beijin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen), but it may also be other regions where life is very, and I mean VERY, different. The biggest shock will be lack of ANY Google services. Anything else you'll get used to. Apparently, you'll start to enjoy the kitchen and learn Mandarin :) (a huge plus for your CV). Just don't discuss politics and keep yourself clear from suspicious places when dark.
    Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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