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    More efficient solution: not even being on Instacrap.
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    @Fast-Nop Well then you would be considered a nerd by hippies xD
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    @pitfar not using it because it's useless isn't nerdy. Not using it because of GDPR issues, that would be nerdy. ;-)
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    I hope it includes a random delay between 1 and 3600 seconds, so it doesnt look sketchy that you always like her posts the very instant she posts them.
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    idk what's more depressing my coding skills or the fact I'll never get a gf
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    @awaisking you don't miss out on anything by not having a GF where you'd even need that special kind of coding skills.
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    @Fast-Nop this life kinda sucks and rocks lol
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    She caught me while we were in call she posted and I [The Bot] liked and then my friend it was almost like hell
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