Became a devRant supporter...
The dark side feeels gooooood...

Tbh it's only for 1 month because I spent almost 4 months collecting money from Google survey program just to become devRant supporter. 😂😂😂
Okay, I know it feels cheap for not paying $2 directly but I am still a student who doesn't have a credit card.

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    well done. now as you are going to get used to black theme which drug/meal/new shoe are you going to ditch in the next month? 😂
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    @erroronline1 all of them especially marijuana
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    @socksAndSandles i meant drugs like medication, but ok 😁
    unless you meant medical marijuana of course.
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    Hahahahahaha I was for just 1 month too. Dollar is 4 BRL and my budget is tight (I do not earn too much, I have my rent and my daughter).

    Other month I will do it again.
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    @erroronline1 no I meant the illegal one...

    haha jk. I don't do drugs. Maybe I will wait another 3-4 months collecting rewards thru google survey.
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