So for anyone that is following my drama regarding my recent break up I figured I would provide an update:

Hopefully we have turned the corner. After two weeks of alternating being kind of normal and being totally not okay, we hung out tonight and watched Tag (which is a pretty awesome movie btw) and actually talked about how this break up thing is going to work and it was fine. I mean, it was actually a pretty fun night. Being stuck living in the same apartment has sucked A LOT, so its kind of a big deal to be able to talk about planning how the relationship ending is going to work and still laugh and watch a movie together. So yeah that's good.

It's been rough on me, even though I was the one that did the breaking up. It fucking kills to see your best friend be in pain because of course you want to do whatever you can to make them feel better, but then it was me that put her in pain so what the fuck can I do? The answer, of course, is torture myself wondering whether I made the right decision or not haha. Yeah hopefully that will start being less of a thing soon.

I hope you enjoyed my emotional word vomit.

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