Well, fuck. The CTO of our startup decided to migrate data of our hundred thousand customers from a stable functioning platform to an in-house unstable platform with severe performance issues, to "save" costs, despite our repeated requests. He made us not have any contingency plans because he wanted to "motivate" us to complete the migration.

Result- we have a thousand customers reporting major issues daily, which is causing loss of revenue to both us and them. The company ran out of funding. Most of the team members were fired. And he's expecting the rest of us to magically fix everything. Dunno what kind of office politics is this, in which you're sabotaging Your Own company.

Looking for a new job now to get out of this hellhole. I really used to love this company. Feels sad to see it ruined like this.

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    Tell the CEO and CTO straight in their face what is going, why it is going wrong and give them one or two solutions. (one of them is go back to the old situation)
    Either you loose the job you want to quit (with severence pay) or you will get promoted and they will solve things.
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    @Codex404 I did that. CTO deleted all old databases. It is no longer possible to go back. CEO is clueless and relies on the CTO for all technical issues. Both are co-founders of the company.
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    @Codex404 I really don't want to quit. But there won't be a company to quit from, because of what he has done. We are just firefighting now.
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    Sounds like a sinking ship, and even if you manage to bail it out, it'll keep running into icebergs with this captain at the helm. Cut and run, I say.
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